Mar 16 2017

3_16_2017 Group

Veterans Administration, Fisher House & Medical Center in Washington, DC.

A Limo Lunch event was held for 5 caregivers from Fisher House. All but one were first time Limo Lunchers. There were 2 last minute cancellations as a result of medical changes for their veterans. Our Limo Driver, Guy, and Allen, the FUMC Escort, were the hosts for the Lunch held at the Red Lobster Restaurant in Silver Spring, MD.

  • Lois Noble Justice is caregiver for her veteran husband William undergoing spinal cord injury rehabilitation. William was an Air Force Chef. Both reside in Abell, MD. Lois had her digital camera run low on AA batteries. Our driver Guy found a store and bought batteries for Lois.
  • Lois McCann is caregiver wife of Vietnam Era Army Veteran Thomas McCann who is having colon surgery at the VA Medical Center. Both reside in Pasadena, MD. Thomas worked with Hawk Missiles in Vietnam from 1966-1969.
  • Rose Krueger, daughter of Leo Taconi, is giving him care him for complications from a fall. Leo was a Yeoman in the Navy during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Rose is from Bay St Louis, MS.
  • Stephanie Callahan, is giving care for her husband Raymond undergoing Open Heart Surgery. Until this day she thought her husband had been in the Marine Supply Corp. When asked for details of his supply job she called her husband in the hospital and learned that he was a Marine Combat Engineer who faced risks inherent with his combat military responsibilities. In defense of and in credit to Shephanie, she and her husband were married after his Marine Career was complete. They reside in Baltimore, MD.
  • Barbara Strickland is caring for her husband Michael while he is undergoing 3 sessions of kidney dialysis over four days. Michael is a candidate for a replacement kidney. He was an Army Tele- communications Tech Vietnam in 1976. They both are from Goldsboro, NC.

We had a great time on a cold but sunny day. Several took doggie bag deserts and Red Lobster Biscuits for their veterans who were unable to attend. The caregiver families are military families through and through and all appreciated those who, through private donations and selfless efforts, say Thank You to those who have served and are serving today as well as to their families and caregivers who serve with equal measure of dedication, devotion, patriotism and sacrifice.