Mar 21 2017

3_21_2017 Group Photo

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center & Fisher Houses

A Limo and Lunch event was held by FUMC for 9 Wounded Veterans and their caregivers and families.  A 10th Wounded Veteran, Captain Smith, was unable to make it due to a medical appointment. Our Limo Driver, Arthur, and Ed McMeans, the FUMC Escort, were the hosts for the Lunch held at Tony and Joe’s Seafood Restaurant on the Potomac River in Georgetown MD.

  • Front, left: SFC Tonia M. Chestnut has been a member of the Army Reserves since 2000, has over 13 years of Active Duty and has served in Afghanistan. Since 2014 she has been in the WTU Program at WRNMMC for treatment related to active duty injuries.
  • Front, 2nd from left: LTC Sheila White and her fiancé Homer Williams. LTC White, Army National Guard, served during Desert Storm II and Iraq. Her fiancé Homer is a U.S. Army Korean War Veteran. He is also a Mediator, Personal Life Coach and a Retired Treasury Department Special Agent.
  • Front far right: Dustin Tuller, SSG U.S. Army, with his family, wife Cheryl and daughters Katherine and Haleigh. Dustin lost both legs while serving in Iraq due to multiple gunshots. He was retired on disability. For many years he did motivational speaking for the Army. He is currently recovering from Open Heart Surgery at the WRNMMC Bethesda Fisher Houses. Their home is near Pensacola FL where they live on 40 acres. An owner of Tony and Joes’ Seafood Restaurant, Greg Casteen, talked with them about peanut farming. Dustin and his daughter Katherine were able to answer all the questions that Greg threw at them about peanut farming!
  • Back, left: SFC Davis, U.S. Army, two tours in Iraq and one tour in Kuwait. Married to a beautiful wife and have 4 sweet daughters and a handsome son. Twenty-four years in the Army and anxiously awaiting decision on retirement.
  • Back, center: SFC Henry McFarlin, U.S. Army, two tours in Iraq. Currently awaiting decisions regarding US Army medical retirement.

We had a great time. Food was superb, fellowship was even better, and the sea stories were, well, “sea stories”!  We thank them all for their service to their country and their loved ones. 

NOTE: After lunch, some of our guests took a walk on the Potomac Boardwalk and enjoyed the views and chatting with each other.