May 10 2017

5_10_2017 group

Limousine and Luncheon for the Washington DC Veterans Administration, Fisher House and Medical Center

A Limo Lunch event was held for 7 veterans, caregivers and VAMC Volunteers from Fisher House plus the Limo Driver, Hugh, and Allen, the FUMC host for the Lunch was held at the Red Lobster Restaurant in Silver Spring, Maryland.

About our guests:

Jeffrey Lee, a US Army Gulf War Era Veteran who has been stationed in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, is from South Engls, Iowa. He talked about his experiences as a Medic accompanying an Abrams Tank Crew during the first wave of the ground attack at the Tip of the Spear in the Gulf War Invasion to liberate Kuwait.

Sherry Ashby is caring for her husband who is undergoing surgery. He served in the US Navy in Vietnam. They are from Huntington, Maryland.

Mary Hamm is staying at Fisher House caring for her husband, a US Army, Vietnam Era Veteran. He is being treated for diabetes and blood pressure issues and is also improving his walking ability after an injury to his legs. They reside in North Carolina and are enjoying the peace and happiness that was difficult to fit in during their military years. They have 2 sons one who is veteran of the US Navy. 

Shay Bickley and Ms Bryant are volunteers at the Veterans Administration Medical Center and the Fisher House respectively.

Unfortunately we had 3 last minute cancellations, but we were not discouraged and went about having a great time on a beautiful day.

Each person was appreciative of the outing and those whose donations provided for the event.