May 16 2017

Limousine and Luncheon for Walter Reed National Medical Center (WRNMMC} and the five Bethesda Fisher Houses

The day was beautiful, food delectable, the fellowship inviting and the walk on the Potomac superb! Members of the group were under treatment for various injuries and illnesses. A soldier was recovering from knee operations due to an injury. Two soldiers were being treated for heart issues.

We were blessed by an uplifting story concerning the Meadows’ family of 4.

Andrew, the youngest in the family at 25, entered WRNMMC with kidney failure. Andrew’s older brother gave him his kidney. At the time we took them out, Andrew was doing as well as can be expected and his brother was about to head back home to get married. He had put off his wedding until he was healed and his brother was on his way back to good health.

This latest FUMC Military Ministry luncheon event included 6 service members (3 Army and 3 Navy), 2 Family caregivers, Brody a young son of two Navy Corpsmen, and a Retired Navy Nuclear Submarine Torpedoman.  This group of 10 was accompanied by Romy our Limo Driver and Ed McMeans the sponsor from Fairfax United Methodist Church. Noteworthy, Don, a submariner, is the Son of a retired United Methodist Minister.

5_16_2017 group

Everyone enjoyed the day and especially the comradery. And in case you were wondering, young Brody behaved beautifully and enjoyed growling like a dinosaur when interacting with the Navy Submariner.