Jun 20 2017

6_20_2017 group EDIT

Limousine and Luncheon supporting Walter Reed National Medical Center (WRNMMC} and Bethesda Fisher Houses

FUMC Military Ministry’s latest luncheon event included 6 service members (4 Army, 1 USMC and 1 Navy), 2 Family caregivers and 6 months old Lily, daughter of the O’Connor family.

The group of 9 pictured above was accompanied by Charlie our Limo Driver and Ed McMeans the sponsor from Fairfax United Methodist Church.

Noteworthy, three of the guests are members of the Global United Methodist Church. They were encouraged to have the event sponsored by a Methodist Church.

Six service members from our group were undergoing treatment at WRNMMC for various illnesses & injuries.

A soldier mentioned that he needs a final leg surgery before he could pursue his desire to finish his military career. Our Marine showed his grit by leaving his wheel chair at the Fisher House and made the long walk from the limo to the restaurant and back. Semper Fi!

We were blessed by an uplifting story concerning the O’Connor family of 6 of whom 3 were able to attend and are pictured above. The 3 are: Navy serviceman Dan in the helmet, baby Lily and mom Cynthia.  Dan is being treated for TBI (reason for the Philly helmet other than to irritate National fans) and had just received great positive news about the status of his condition.  Dan hopes to finish his active duty Navy career.

The day was bright and sunny, the seafood hors d’oeuvres were especially delectable and the fellowship among all of us made for a cheerful outing.

And in case you were wondering, baby Lily was a perfect angel throughout