Nov 02 2017

DAR Community Service Award

Ed and Kerryn McMeans were presented the 2017 National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Community Service Award on November 2, 2017. Pastor Bonney attended with the McMeans. The McMeans were recognized for their over 12 years of service to US Military wounded, ill and injured as well as their family and caregivers. FUMC was also commended for providing the 501c3 accounting for the Military Ministry Charity.

The Military Ministry also supports the FUMC Veterans who served in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War and the Global War on Terror which continues today

The McMeans and other FUMC members who volunteer, Allen Kriskowski and Bill Spellings, have earned accolades from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the Fisher House Foundation and the Veterans Medical Center in DC. Over 1,700 Veterans and Families have been served over the years. Excerpt from the DAR recommendation follows:

What Military Men and Women and their Families/Caregivers say about FUMC Military Ministry.

  • Thanks so much. I haven’t had a break since I came to take care of my daughter. It was wonderful and I felt reenergized.
  • I love to get out and ‘smell’ the roses!
  • Thanks so much for the great outing. The lunch was great, but the fellowship was better.
  • Thank you for a wonderful time! Kristine and I had a blast, and we had the chicken for dinner! We’ve posted on Facebook and acknowledged FUMC for its generosity. You guys are awesome! –Anne-Marie
  • Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get away from the Hospital environment even for only a few hours. The relaxed conversations were wonderful. Steph and Floyd
  • Please let the Church know that we had an incredible day at Wolf Trap to see Disney in Concert. We are very for the beautiful opportunity and experience. It was a girl’s night out with Mom and the girls. –Tiffany Albavara, spouse.

What Walter Reed, the VA, and Fisher House Foundation Say About Our Support.

  • Department of Veteran Affairs: FUMC has united Fisher House families and Caregivers by relieving the financial and emotional strain of being away from home. This simple act of kindness goes a long way in bridging the generation gap and brings smiles to our Veterans’ and their families’ faces and lifting their spirits.
  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center: We witness firsthand how valuable your chauffeured limousine and lunch is to patients and their families recovering at Walter Reed. Thank you FUMC and your Volunteers and financial donations for recognizing our men and women who serve our Nation.

Fisher House Foundation: We express our deepest appreciation to FUMC’s Military Ministry for the support of our military and veteran families in their time of need. Where there was despair, you have spread hope. Where there was darkness, you have shown light. Where there was sadness you have spread joy. You have shown our service men and women and their families that our nation appreciates their sacrifices and stands behind them. We commend your ministry and pray that God’s grace continues to fill your hearts