Dec 19 2017

Limo-to-Lunch Combined Event

Limo lunch 12_19_2018_2

FUMC Military Ministry held a combined event at Tony and Joes Seafood Restaurant on the Potomac in Georgetown. It was the first time we held an event with guests from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Washington DC., and the 6 Fisher Houses in Bethesda, MD and Washington DC. We had a group of 20 which included the FUMC sponsors (Ed and Allen) and our 2 long time Limo Drivers (Arthur and Guy). We were pleased to be able host Evette Fields-Matthews our Government events coordinator and friend from WRNMMC. Veterans from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps under medical care at WRNMMC & VA were hosted. We had a superb meal, wonderful fellowship & joyfully celebrated Christmas holiday, the Military and the 16th Anniversary of a Veteran family. The event while a great experience for all, was bittersweet. Tony & Joe’s has funded much of the costs of this event. for 3 years 8 months supporting 500 Veterans However, as is their practice, have moved to a new charity starting in 2018. We presented a Certificate  and letter to Tony & Joe’s for their years of support and we toasted their management & staff.  We all experienced a very fine time.

Nov 14 2017

A Holiday Market for our Community

A Holiday Market on Friday, December 15 from 5:30-9:30pm

(for families who need a little help over the holidays)

A Holiday Market is planned for designated families that did not receive holiday sponsorship. Parents are able to select a toy, book or gift card for each of their children. Donation boxes are located around the church to place toys (for ages 0-18), new or gently used books, and $20 Walmart gift cards for families for food or clothing.

If you are interested in helping with this event, please sign up.

If you have questions contact Leslie Carter at Share with your friends, coworkers, and neighbors these opportunities to serve our community. All donations and volunteers are welcome.

Nov 02 2017

DAR Community Service Award

Ed and Kerryn McMeans were presented the 2017 National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Community Service Award on November 2, 2017. Pastor Bonney attended with the McMeans. The McMeans were recognized for their over 12 years of service to US Military wounded, ill and injured as well as their family and caregivers. FUMC was also commended for providing the 501c3 accounting for the Military Ministry Charity.

The Military Ministry also supports the FUMC Veterans who served in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War and the Global War on Terror which continues today

The McMeans and other FUMC members who volunteer, Allen Kriskowski and Bill Spellings, have earned accolades from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the Fisher House Foundation and the Veterans Medical Center in DC. Over 1,700 Veterans and Families have been served over the years. Excerpt from the DAR recommendation follows:

What Military Men and Women and their Families/Caregivers say about FUMC Military Ministry.

  • Thanks so much. I haven’t had a break since I came to take care of my daughter. It was wonderful and I felt reenergized.
  • I love to get out and ‘smell’ the roses!
  • Thanks so much for the great outing. The lunch was great, but the fellowship was better.
  • Thank you for a wonderful time! Kristine and I had a blast, and we had the chicken for dinner! We’ve posted on Facebook and acknowledged FUMC for its generosity. You guys are awesome! –Anne-Marie
  • Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get away from the Hospital environment even for only a few hours. The relaxed conversations were wonderful. Steph and Floyd
  • Please let the Church know that we had an incredible day at Wolf Trap to see Disney in Concert. We are very for the beautiful opportunity and experience. It was a girl’s night out with Mom and the girls. –Tiffany Albavara, spouse.

What Walter Reed, the VA, and Fisher House Foundation Say About Our Support.

  • Department of Veteran Affairs: FUMC has united Fisher House families and Caregivers by relieving the financial and emotional strain of being away from home. This simple act of kindness goes a long way in bridging the generation gap and brings smiles to our Veterans’ and their families’ faces and lifting their spirits.
  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center: We witness firsthand how valuable your chauffeured limousine and lunch is to patients and their families recovering at Walter Reed. Thank you FUMC and your Volunteers and financial donations for recognizing our men and women who serve our Nation.

Fisher House Foundation: We express our deepest appreciation to FUMC’s Military Ministry for the support of our military and veteran families in their time of need. Where there was despair, you have spread hope. Where there was darkness, you have shown light. Where there was sadness you have spread joy. You have shown our service men and women and their families that our nation appreciates their sacrifices and stands behind them. We commend your ministry and pray that God’s grace continues to fill your hearts

Sep 24 2017

We welcome Rachel Ackerman

We welcome Rachel Ackerman, our new Associate Director of Music. Rachel holds a graduate degree in vocal performance from George Mason University and a degree in music education from Penn State University. She currently teaches private voice and piano students at her D.C. area studio. Rachel brings her many talents, gifts, and skills to lead our children and youth music ministries at Fairfax UMC.

Aug 24 2017

Church Leadership Team

The Church Leadership Team (CLT) of Fairfax Church

Back row, left to right: Mark Moffat, Chair; Wyatt Bethel, Finance Representative; Peter Ficken, Trustee’s Chair; Chris Crowl, Lay Leader; Melissa Osborne, SPRC Representative.

Front row, left to right: Jim Conklin, United Methodist Men /Annual Conference Representative; Roxanne Lypka, Youth Representative; Rev. David Bonney, Lead Pastor; Doris Black, United Methodist Women Representative; Jessica Pagel, Young Adult Representative.

The purpose of the CLT is to be accountable for the overall direction of the church and to create a serving culture which invites people to engage in the ministry of Jesus Christ through Fairfax Church to serve the community and the world.

The CLT requests your prayers for church leaders, encourages questions and helpful input and hopes that the congregation is proactive in receiving information from the CLT through the newsletter, the Connection, Facebook, email, Snippets and updates in worship.

Jun 20 2017

6_20_2017 group EDIT

Limousine and Luncheon supporting Walter Reed National Medical Center (WRNMMC} and Bethesda Fisher Houses

FUMC Military Ministry’s latest luncheon event included 6 service members (4 Army, 1 USMC and 1 Navy), 2 Family caregivers and 6 months old Lily, daughter of the O’Connor family.

The group of 9 pictured above was accompanied by Charlie our Limo Driver and Ed McMeans the sponsor from Fairfax United Methodist Church.

Noteworthy, three of the guests are members of the Global United Methodist Church. They were encouraged to have the event sponsored by a Methodist Church.

Six service members from our group were undergoing treatment at WRNMMC for various illnesses & injuries.

A soldier mentioned that he needs a final leg surgery before he could pursue his desire to finish his military career. Our Marine showed his grit by leaving his wheel chair at the Fisher House and made the long walk from the limo to the restaurant and back. Semper Fi!

We were blessed by an uplifting story concerning the O’Connor family of 6 of whom 3 were able to attend and are pictured above. The 3 are: Navy serviceman Dan in the helmet, baby Lily and mom Cynthia.  Dan is being treated for TBI (reason for the Philly helmet other than to irritate National fans) and had just received great positive news about the status of his condition.  Dan hopes to finish his active duty Navy career.

The day was bright and sunny, the seafood hors d’oeuvres were especially delectable and the fellowship among all of us made for a cheerful outing.

And in case you were wondering, baby Lily was a perfect angel throughout

Jun 13 2017

6_13_2103 group EDIT

Limousine and Lunch for the Veterans Administration Medical Center
and Fisher House in Washington, D.C.

Our ‘Limo and Lunch’ event was held for 8 first-time ‘Limo Lunchers’. The group included 4 Military Service Veterans and 4 Caregivers. Our limo driver was the gregarious Irishman Hugh O’Brady and our FUMC escort was Allen Kriskowski. The lunch was held at the picturesque Tony and Joe’s Restaurant on ‘K’ Street in Georgetown overlooking the Potomac River, Kennedy Center and the infamous Watergate Complex.

  • Katrina Pena from Austin, Texas is the caregiver for her father, Gulf War Veteran US Marine Joseph Pena who is undergoing treatment. He was a ‘ranked’ USA wrestler in his younger days. Semper Fi.
  • Timothy Van de Heyde, a US Navy Veteran from Fort Lauderdale, Florida is receiving pain management treatment.
  • Shermyonne Jones is Mother and Caregiver to her US Air Force Veteran son William. He is receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatment.
  • Newton Snelson, a Korean War US Army Veteran from Marietta, Georgia is being treated at the VA Medical Center accompanied by his sister and caregiver Rozzie Bell.
  • Patricia Poggi is the caregiver for her son, US Navy Retired Commander, Matthew Poggi, who due to his medical condition, was unable to attend.  He is receiving treatment for multiple medial difficulties. Matthew is a Doctor of Radiation Oncology. While on active duty, Matthew was stationed at: The National Institute of Health, Walter Reed and at medical facilities located in San Diego, Washington DC and Los Angeles.  Patricia is a Doctor of Education. She and Matthew reside in Pleasant Valley, NY.

We had a great time on another beautiful, sunny day. Some took doggie bag deserts back to Fisher House and the Medical Center. All thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, service and food that are the trademarks of Tony and Joe’s Restaurant experience and were very appreciative of those who made the Limo and Lunch possible

May 16 2017

Limousine and Luncheon for Walter Reed National Medical Center (WRNMMC} and the five Bethesda Fisher Houses

The day was beautiful, food delectable, the fellowship inviting and the walk on the Potomac superb! Members of the group were under treatment for various injuries and illnesses. A soldier was recovering from knee operations due to an injury. Two soldiers were being treated for heart issues.

We were blessed by an uplifting story concerning the Meadows’ family of 4.

Andrew, the youngest in the family at 25, entered WRNMMC with kidney failure. Andrew’s older brother gave him his kidney. At the time we took them out, Andrew was doing as well as can be expected and his brother was about to head back home to get married. He had put off his wedding until he was healed and his brother was on his way back to good health.

This latest FUMC Military Ministry luncheon event included 6 service members (3 Army and 3 Navy), 2 Family caregivers, Brody a young son of two Navy Corpsmen, and a Retired Navy Nuclear Submarine Torpedoman.  This group of 10 was accompanied by Romy our Limo Driver and Ed McMeans the sponsor from Fairfax United Methodist Church. Noteworthy, Don, a submariner, is the Son of a retired United Methodist Minister.

5_16_2017 group

Everyone enjoyed the day and especially the comradery. And in case you were wondering, young Brody behaved beautifully and enjoyed growling like a dinosaur when interacting with the Navy Submariner.

May 10 2017

5_10_2017 group

Limousine and Luncheon for the Washington DC Veterans Administration, Fisher House and Medical Center

A Limo Lunch event was held for 7 veterans, caregivers and VAMC Volunteers from Fisher House plus the Limo Driver, Hugh, and Allen, the FUMC host for the Lunch was held at the Red Lobster Restaurant in Silver Spring, Maryland.

About our guests:

Jeffrey Lee, a US Army Gulf War Era Veteran who has been stationed in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, is from South Engls, Iowa. He talked about his experiences as a Medic accompanying an Abrams Tank Crew during the first wave of the ground attack at the Tip of the Spear in the Gulf War Invasion to liberate Kuwait.

Sherry Ashby is caring for her husband who is undergoing surgery. He served in the US Navy in Vietnam. They are from Huntington, Maryland.

Mary Hamm is staying at Fisher House caring for her husband, a US Army, Vietnam Era Veteran. He is being treated for diabetes and blood pressure issues and is also improving his walking ability after an injury to his legs. They reside in North Carolina and are enjoying the peace and happiness that was difficult to fit in during their military years. They have 2 sons one who is veteran of the US Navy. 

Shay Bickley and Ms Bryant are volunteers at the Veterans Administration Medical Center and the Fisher House respectively.

Unfortunately we had 3 last minute cancellations, but we were not discouraged and went about having a great time on a beautiful day.

Each person was appreciative of the outing and those whose donations provided for the event.

Apr 18 2017

http://4_18_2017 lunch table E
Military Ministry Limo and Lunch for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Fisher Houses.

Eleven (11) Wounded, Ill and Injured (WII) Service Members and their families and caregivers accompanied our Chariots-for-Hire Limo Driver and FUMC Escort, Ed McMeans, to Tony and Joe’s Seafood on the Potomac River in Georgetown. The day was nice enough for some to take a walk on the Potomac boardwalk!

Six (6) WIIs accompanied us representing the U.S. Marine, Army and Navy service branches.

Our limo riders are being treated for a wide range of wounds, injuries and illnesses such as leg injuries, injury from a Recoilless Rifle and TBI. We had a young Army man who is getting ‘completely rebuilt’ in WRNMMC, Bethesda from ankles to back of neck for many months receiving back surgeries, knee replacements and shoulder surgery among other minor ‘repairs’.

As is typical for each of our Limo and Lunch events, everyone had a super time chatting and enjoying the fellowship.

As we were departing the Marine in our group offered his heart felt ‘Semper Fi” to all of us.

As we often say in the Navy – “It just don’t get any better than this”!