Sunday School for Adults

8:30 am | The Sunrisers Class | Room 116

Sunrisers is an adult class that meets weekly in the Multi-Purpose Room with a variety of lessons provided through leaders and guest speakers and occasionally a DVD curriculum. Refreshments, prayer time, a lesson and great fellowship are a part of each week. Steve Sherman is the coordinator.

9:30 am | Gift Class | Room 315

Gift Class is a class for members of the congregation with specialized learning needs. The class is led by a group of volunteers who enjoy fellowship with the very loyal class members. Each week they enjoy a Bible story, craft, shared snack and rousing fellowship. Contact Natalie Gray to learn more.

10:40 am | The Crusaders | Room 113

The Crusaders meets weekly in Room 313. Singing, prayer and Bible study represent the core nature of the Crusaders Class. The group is a loving and caring class that offers Christ to all. Our door is always open to new and mature Christians who want to know more about the Bible. The Crusaders Class uses the International Bible Series and offers open discussion and emphasizes the sharing of our thoughts and experiences. Crusaders welcomes visitors and reaches out to care about each other and about you! Led by Jim Conklin.

11:00 am | The Bible Explorers | Room 313

Bible Explorers meets in Room 313 each week to share our needs, concerns and our passion to be more like Christ in everything we do. Leadership of class activities is shared, including vigorous discussions of scriptural teachings in our efforts to live what we learn, along with ongoing support of various mission projects. All are welcome to our diverse group of learners as we deepen our relationship with Christ within the Body of Christ. Contact Eloisa Steiner to learn more.