Youth Discipleship

During the school year (Sept-June) we offer two opportunities on Sundays for discipleship and spiritual growth.

  • On Sunday mornings in the fall we will be exploring Faith and Film. Through watching the popular movies that we love we will strive to become cultural theologians. We will search for what the movie says about humanity and where God might be speaking through the film or video. For the fall in 2016 we will be watching possible movies such as: Zootopia, Selma, Thor, To Save A Life as well as music videos, news stories and other popular videos that can foster meaningful and theological conversation.
  • We meet in the youth activities room on the 3rd floor from 9:30-10:30am.
  • Sunday nights is our primary gathering for the week. Youth group is from 6:00-8:00pm. We have dinner and a group game together for the first hour. And in the second hour we will have a time of worship and small groups. This year we are introducing Covenant Discipleship (CD) groups. Each small group will create a covenant around acts of worship, devotion, mercy and justice. Together each group will strive to live out their covenant during the weeks and months and on Sundays we will gather in our small groups and reflect on how living out our covenant has been going.

Student Leadership Team

We also offer more discipleship and leadership opportunities for students who feel ready. Are you interested in diving deeper into your faith and developing a deeper understanding of God? Are you interested in having leadership opportunities in the youth group and the church? Would you like to be involved in the direction and planning and the youth group?

If yes, then consider joining the youth student leadership team – a small group for those passionate about living out your faith, pushing yourself, growing deeper, and serving more. We will meet on the following Sunday nights from 4:30-6:00, right before youth group: Sept 25, Oct 30, Nov 13, and Dec 4 with more dates to come in the Spring

You can download the student leadership flyer here.

We believe discipleship is a journey and is holistic. All of what we do is aimed of helping teens encounter a deeply loving God, and to take steps of spiritual growth. You can find our other ways of spiritual formation through the tabs on the right